State of Condition Monitoring |  2022

The findings of Bentley’s ‘State of Condition Monitoring 2022’ report provide valuable market insights into trends and challenges as the shift towards remote, real-time automated data collection continues.

“It’s a high-value snapshot of where the industry is going,” says Ben Starr, Senior Director, Operations, Bentley Infrastructure IoT. “Remote monitoring is a dense ecosystem. It’s confusing. This report cuts through the complexity to present easy-to-understand, actionable insights.”

Report offers valuable industry insights into condition monitoring

The report, released at the start of the 2022, compiles the expert opinions of over 200 scientists, engineers, and industry specialists. A few of the most notable highlights include:

  • 76% reported using real-time and remote monitoring at their organizations
  • 28% reported increasing demand for real-time data access as the top upcoming challenge
  • 33% reported their biggest change will be monitoring more parameters in 2022

“The trends and challenges are ever-increasing,” says Thorarinn Andresson, Senior Director, Product Management, Infrastructure IoT. “There is the push for more monitoring, as well as ever more sensor, hardware and software options to choose from. Our clients need to be able to adapt to that so that they can stay current and take advantage of what’s coming.”

Cory Baldwin, Vice President, Infrastructure IoT, says that while the report clearly represents a shift to automation, the move from manual monitoring and legacy automation technologies is typically just that: a gradual transition, not an immediate rip-and-replace proposition for most asset owners.

The three Bentley IoT leaders note a push for more integration and adaptability across the full spectrum of IoT solutions, and more out-of-the-box products, as new technologies, platforms, sensors, telemetry options, gateways, and protocols proliferate.

And while the condition monitoring ecosystem continues to mature and advance, the original goal has never changed.

“It comes down to transforming data into insights,” Cory says.”Our technologies are making our clients more productive so they can spend more of their valuable time on actions that benefit the outcome of their projects.”

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