Real-Time Operational Insights

Reduce Cost

Optimized data management tools for automated and manual sensor data drastically reduces labor costs.

React Instantly

Immediate access to real-time insights and advanced visualization tools reduces risk, improves decision making, and boosts situational awareness.

Improve Efficiency

Easy to implement market-ready solutions optimize workflows, allowing you to do more in less time.

Reliable, Scalable and Secure at Every Step

Sensor Data Acquisition

Connect to any sensor, read any data type, monitor, calibrate, and validate incoming raw data for immediate analysis.

Visualization & Analysis

Make decisions with confidence. Browser-based tools and workflow-enhancing features provide valuable sensor data insight, helping you make sense of complex data.

Collaboration, Reporting, & Alarms

Collaborate seamlessly with organizational permission controls. Create and share custom reports and tailor alerts to user-defined parameters with flexible notification distribution.


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Supporting All Manufacturers

Seamlessly connect and automate all sensors independent of manufacturer.

No Vendor Lock-In

Sensor agnostic data management ensures long-term flexibility.

Bentley Trust Center


Our security and privacy controls are regularly scrutinized by independent auditors, achieving certifications, attestations, and reports that affirm our commitment to our users.


As a global software company, we’re committed to protection the personal data of our users. Privacy is built into our products and services as well as our culture, which allows us to be nimble when adjusting to evolving laws and regulations.


The Compliance page on Bentley’s Trust Center describes our current certifications, attestations and reports. This information is provided as a benefit to our users to show our commitment to security and industry best-practices.

Choose Your Platform

Select the implementation that suits the needs of your organization.

Self Hosted

Installed locally or in your own corporate compute environment. All data stays within the confines of your organization’s infrastructure.

  • Operate in your own data center
  • Deploy on-premise solutions
  • Implement custom security policies
  • Solve for sites with telecom challenges
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Enjoy the convenience, reliability, and scalability of a global cloud solution.

  • Industry-leading support for IoT devices
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Frequent feature enhancements
  • Full featured API-based data exchange
  • iOS and Android mobile application available
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Industry Leading Solutions


Active projects


Sensor observations



Engagement Methods

Platform Tools

Infrastructure IoT and iTwin together provide the building blocks for organizations to construct tailored solutions for condition monitoring of your assets.

Digital Services

Elevate your services through digital content delivery. Adopt and present monitoring and risk management solutions to clients carrying your company brand through our white label program.

Find a Partner

Work with one of our trusted project delivery partners or value added resellers to assist with procurement or implementation of our industry-leading sensor management solutions.

Building Evergreen Infrastructure Digital Twins

Digital twins are reshaping the built world in terms of how infrastructure is designed, constructed, and operated. Bentley’s Infrastructure IoT solutions expand these capabilities by creating evergreen versions. These living digital twins connect decision makers to live monitoring data and insights critical to safe and efficient operations.

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Let us assist you with your next project. Discover how Infrastructure IoT can transform the way you manage, share, and analyze critical data.

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