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December 7, 2023 • Industry Report

Condition Monitoring Report 2023 – Download now.

Complete solution to monitor, analyze and
manage all sensor data

Integrate with any sensor and IoT device required by your project — no vendor lock-in

Make sense of your data with powerful dashboards, visualizations, and analytics tools

React instantly to critical sensor readings with custom alarm notifications

Keep all stakeholders informed with custom alarm notifications with fine-grained user roles and customized reports

With 30+ years of experience across industries, we’ve built a platform that fits the unique needs of each industry


Reservoir level ∙ Seepage ∙ Outflow ∙ Structural displacement ∙ Ground deformation ∙ Strong force motion ∙ Pore pressure ∙ Crack propagation
Slope stability ∙ Groundwater dewatering ∙ Dust level ∙ Heap leach performance ∙ Water quality ∙ Bathometric pond level ∙ Tank level
Civil Constructions
Vibration ∙ Noise, and Dust monitoring ∙ Support-of-excavation performance ∙ Structural deflection ∙ ground movement, and geotechnical monitoring
TBM ∙ Prism ∙ GIS ∙ Surveying
Roads & Railways
Settlement ∙ Uplift ∙ Optical survey marker
Deformation ∙ Vibration ∙ Structural integrity

Use it with any project, of any size.

Cost effective. Improve operational efficiency and drastically reduce labor costs

Quick and easy to setup Intuitive to use for all stakeholders Fully automated

No matter your size. Be able to do your best work at any size of your company

1 or 1000+ sensors Single or multiple projects Tiered pricing plans

Reliable, responsive & secure. Ensure maximum uptime and security of your data

Cloud or local/offline installation
Built on the highest level of Security, Privacy and Compliance standards ensured by the Bentley Trust Center

“sensemetrics provides a truly unique edge-to-cloud based software solution for instrumentation & monitoring. As a result our clients have access to unparalleled insight into design and safety assessments of infrastructure using real-time sensor data for investigations and analysis.”

Allen Cadden, Chairman

Schnabel Engineering

“VDV’s ease of instrumentation data availability and multi-project control are one of the major benefits for our dam operational staff and the area management responsible for the operation of all the dams in the area.”

GKM Consultants

“We chose sensemetrics because we saw firsthand how rapidly and seamlessly we could connect existing sensor implementations with a Worldsensing – Loadsensing gateway. Within minutes, we saw the live data stream pulled into the sensemetrics platform. It was literally plug-and-play at its best and has given us the ability to confidently monitor structural changes in real-time, which is critical in order to manage safety.”

Miquel Llorens, CTO


“VDV’s extensive functionalities have enabled us to analyze the data sent by our sensors in the best possible way.”

Sebastien Flawinne

Structural Health Monitoring Project Engineer

No Vendor lock-in. Integrate with any sensor, IoT device, or data logger

Supports all manufacturers
Native, no-drama integration with all your data sensors.
Automatically retrieve, convert and import any data 24/7.

Support for field data collection and manual data entry.

Supports all manufacturers

Get started. Our team of experts is here to help you.

Expert consultancy
Pilots or large projects
Worldwide support

Alex Pienaar

Senior Director, Sales

Alan Jones

Senior Director, BD

Gudmundur Steinsson

Director, Sales

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