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How it works

Data acquisition
Connect to any sensor or IoT device, read any data type, monitor, calibrate, and validate incoming raw data. No vendor lock-in.

Visualization and analysis
Make decisions with confidence. Dozens of visualization and analysis tools help you make sense of complex data and help you with problem solving

Reporting, alarms, and collaboration
Keep everyone in the loop with granular access controls, real-time reporting, and custom alarms


Data acqusition

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No Vendor lock-in

Connect to any sensor and import data automatically 24/7

Monitor data quality

Set up alarms for the out-of-tolerance measurements and sensor malfunctions

Correlate with manually collected data

Add field measurements or manually collected data


Visualization and analysis

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Make sense of complex data

Get valuable sensor data insights in real-time and make decisions with confidence

Show data in context

Connect real-time sensor data with your infrastructure digital twins, engineering cross-sections, or GIS maps

Visualizations and analyses

Over 30 visualizations and analyses for all project types

Intuitive and actionable visualizations and analyses for any project and any industry

Digital Twins
Create evergreen digital twins in a powerful 4D working environment

Create maps with sensor data markers

Show the most important insights on custom dashboards

Real-time displays
Show real-time data overlaid over an image

Trend lines
Plot trends and all historical data

Wind roses
Plot multiple types of wind roses

High-speed sensor data
Start plotting high-speed sensor data like vibration and noise in minutes

XY Plots
Show results from SAA sensors and displacement graphs

Show the numerical data in versatile table views


Reporting, alarms, and collaboration

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Create, design, and schedule the reports for your stakeholders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis



Relax and get notified if any values are outside limits or a data import fails



Manage access for all stakeholders. Grant access to features and data with fine-grained user roles

“sensemetrics provides a truly unique edge-to-cloud based software solution for instrumentation & monitoring. As a result our clients have access to unparalleled insight into design and safety assessments of infrastructure using real-time sensor data for investigations and analysis.”

Allen Cadden, Chairman

Schnabel Engineering

“VDV’s ease of instrumentation data availability and multi-project control are one of the major benefits for our dam operational staff and the area management responsible for the operation of all the dams in the area.”

GKM Consultants

“We chose sensemetrics because we saw firsthand how rapidly and seamlessly we could connect existing sensor implementations with a Worldsensing – Loadsensing gateway. Within minutes, we saw the live data stream pulled into the sensemetrics platform. It was literally plug-and-play at its best and has given us the ability to confidently monitor structural changes in real-time, which is critical in order to manage safety.”

Miquel Llorens, CTO


“VDV’s extensive functionalities have enabled us to analyze the data sent by our sensors in the best possible way.”

Sebastien Flawinne

Structural Health Monitoring Project Engineer

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