Ensuring the structural integrity of your bridges

Structural health and performance monitoring for critical structures.

Insights and collaboration

Make decisions based on clear insights

A single workspace for the whole project team to monitor and manage bridge project data

 Powerful visualizations and analyses
Simple enough for regular humans
infrastructure intelligence — Bridges

Bringing insights critical to safe and efficient operation of your bridge projects

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Structural health monitoring

Efficiently perform dynamic and static structural analysis and health monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Avoid failures and increase safety

Detect developing trends that compromise structural performance before they cause harm to property and life.

Alarms and reporting

Count on the alarms to notify you immediately in case of out-of-tolerance measurements, or malfunctions. Create custom scheduled reports to keep all the stakeholders updated.

EASY to use. Reliable and secure

Get more done in less time, with less stress

A single workspace for the whole project team to monitor and manage dam bodies and reservoir data

No experts required. Easy to use for regular humans

Manage projects easily. Simple setup and maintenance help you get more done in less time

Scalable. Our system and pricing support both micro and mega projects

Reliable and secure. Highly stable and secure cloud and on-premise solutions

Ongoing innovation. We keep improving our product to meet and exceed your requirements

Outstanding support. End-to-end support. Global footprint

No vendor lock-in

Works with your infrastructure monitoring equipment

Accelerometers ∙ Modal Analysis ∙ Load cells ∙ Dynamic readings ∙ Weather ∙ Inclinometers ∙ ShapeArray ∙ Piezometers ∙ Strain gauges ∙ Crack meters ∙ Tilt meters ∙ Extensometers ∙ Vibration sensors ∙ Pressure cells ∙ Total Stations ∙ Field data collection

From Dashboards to Digital Twins.
Select the right solution for you

iTwin IoT - Active condition monitoring for natural and built environments, harnessing the transformative power of Digital Twins and 4D Analytics.

Encompasses everything included in the sensemetrics solution plus new capabilities:

Visualize and analyze asset condition time series data
Display historical versions of reality mesh across a timeline
View data in an immersive geo-referenced context
Collaborate seamlessly with access control powered by iTwin

sensemetrics - Enjoy the convenience and reliability of the cloud with instant remote access to your IoT sensor data and real-time condition monitoring.

Scalable for any size project or organization
Custom dashboards and reports
Guaranteed availability
Full-featured API-based data exchange

Vista Data Vision - Install locally or in your own corporate compute environment. Flexible solutions for comprehensive IoT data management and analytics where you need it.

All benefits of a fully featured Infrastructure IoT solution plus:
 Flexible hosting options
Expanded data import
Implement custom security policies
Solution for sites with telecom challenges

Get started. Our team of experts is here to help you.

Expert consultancy
Pilots or large projects
Worldwide support

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Stantec’s Digital Twin Project Takes Structural Health Monitoring to the Next Level

Stantec’s Digital Twin Project Takes Structural Health Monitoring to the Next Level

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