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“Since the introduction of IoT sensor monitoring, mine owners and operators have understood its inherent value as their assets are often located in challenging distributed environments that lack access to power, high-speed internet, and protection from the elements. This has allowed mine owners, managers, engineers, consultants, and crews to remotely access insights into important information around the health and status of their assets. Since this adoption, similar proliferation to consumer devices has occurred in both the total number of sensors as well as the different types of sensors. This has created an enormous new data resource that many mine managers are struggling to exploit.”

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A powerful look into how the proliferation of sensor data is transforming mining operations

Powerful sensor data monitoring, management, analysis, and automation creates a new type of “data story” to help make sense of combinatorially exploding data. When these solutions are implemented in a mining ecosystem, these data stories result in dramatic, positive improvement in several areas of operation, three of which are discussed in the eBook:

  • Focus on Data Analysis, Not Data Gathering
  • Make Crucial Data Visible
  • Adapt to a Changing Workforce

“In the last 10 years we have experienced exponential growth in the number of sensor observations posted to our platform. It speaks to the ever-accelerating number of devices being deployed as part of highly automated realtime monitoring workflows each year. The benefits that the mining industry has experienced in terms of efficiency gains and more insightful decision making has been tremendous.”
– Alex Pienaar, Senior Director, Bentley Infrastructure IoT

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