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Optimizing New Highway​ ​Construction in Germany

The last phase of construction on the Autobahn​ ​26, a highway in northwestern Germany, will connect​ ​the road near Hamburg with the A7, Germany’s​ ​longest autobahn and the longest national highway​ ​in Europe. This 20-kilometer major roadway​ ​is being built through old swampland with very​ ​weak, settlement-prone soil.

Fugro, a leading geodata specialist, was awarded the​ ​geotechnical monitoring contract to measure the​ ​soil’s consolidation and deformation behavior and​ ​optimize embankment work. Their role began​ ​in 2021, during the pre-construction phase,​ ​in which the ground was overloaded to accelerate​ ​the settlement process and provide insights into​ ​the optimal timing for construction. If construction​ ​proceeded too quickly, the integrity of the highway​ ​could be compromised, with further settlement​ ​resulting in a bumpy road surface that would drive​ ​up future repair costs. If construction moved too​ ​slowly, project costs would rise due to the delay.

Fast facts

  • A26 is a new highway that will link northwestern Germany to the A7, the country’s longest autobahn.
  • Fugro was awarded the geotechnical monitoring contract to measure the soil’s consolidation and deformation behavior and determine the optimum construction timing.
  • The project required a simple way to share geotechnical data from many automated and manual sensors in a single interface

A Single Shared Data Interface

The A26 project involves a high number​ ​of sensors and 50 data loggers deployed across​ ​the 20-kilometer site. Along with using over 200​ ​push-in piezometers to measure pore pressure,​ ​Fugro manually gathers hydrostatic measurements​ ​of embankment settlement and vertical deformation​ ​readings from a number of inclinometers.​

​It was essential for Fugro to provide its primary​ ​client with all data from the various monitoring​ i​nstruments on one platform. The company also​ ​needed to easily share this data with its internal​ ​team and with other project stakeholders, including​ ​construction companies doing the earthwork and​ ​engineering companies validating the geotechnical​ ​parameters. Fugro sought a platform that would​ ​give them a high degree of control, allowing them​ ​to easily provide all the measurements needed​ ​for the project.

Vista Data Vision’s data presentation software provided a robust, customizable solution that gave Fugro the control and data security this project required.

Exceptional Customization And Control

Fugro determined Bentley’s Vista Data Vision​ ​data visualization and management application​ ​could seamlessly and securely integrate automated​ ​and manual readings into a single online interface.​ ​The application’s intuitive, user-friendly custom​ ​development features allow Fugro’s team members​ ​to easily build data presentation dashboards and​ ​websites, which streamlines workflows and saves​ ​significant resource hours. Vista Data Vision can​ ​also quickly respond to client requests or project​ ​needs, giving Fugro the hands-on control needed​ ​for the fast-paced, evolving project. They can avoid​ ​seeking external support for simple requests, which​ ​can lead to delays, and add and change sensors​ ​or other inputs as the project changes.​

​Lastly, Vista Data Vision provides full control​ ​of data privacy and security, which was critical​ ​to Fugro and its stakeholders. The project is currently​ ​in the construction phase and is expected​ ​to be complete at the end of 2024.


  • Vista Data Vision’s data presentation software provided a robust, customizable solution that gave Fugro the control and data security this project required.
  • The application’s intuitive, user-friendly custom development features allow Fugro to easily build data presentation dashboards and websites.
  • Fugro can avoid seeking external support for simple requests, which prevents delays.